Monday, October 04, 2010

Writing Goal #1: POEM Slide

Here's my writing for the day! 

Back to my hometown
to the park where
I used to play ~

I remember
a particular slide:
silver steps,
a chute of blue rollers,
my size dwarfed
in comparison.

as I revisit
this old friend,
nostalgia lurks
in my chest
as I search for
the neanderthal
reminder of my youth.

First and second glances,
third and fourth
uncover a small slide
I don't remember.
My childhood,
rotted in time
along with this slide.
I used to climb
to the top
and scream with glee
as the rollers carried me,
long haired
and tender
down that slide,
with only a single care
for that moment.

my cares laid bare
to find the slide's location
like a cobweb
in freshly painted room,
and I ached
when I found it was
not the same
as I left it
so many years ago.

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