Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Start to Finish

Finish what you start.

If you start something, finish it.

What you begin, you must complete.

All beginnings have an end.

"Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on 
of an uncompleted task." ~ William James

I am inspired today by these words of wisdom and yet, 
I have a List of Incompletes that clutters and haunts my mind
from the time I open my eyes until I lay down at night.

This blog is one of those incompletes. 
I should post something 
stalks through my brain several times a day, 
stomping around other ideas,
and things to do 
slithering through my head.

I started this blog, 
but I don't post regularly. 

I started organizing my filing cabinet;
it's halfway done.

I began a workout regime;
I haven't worked out in seven days.

I began writing a short story
(several short stories);
words jump off a cliff 
with no end in sight.

I'm seeing a pattern here. 

What if we all finished what we started? 
Establish the blog, organize the papers, make exercise a habit, 
write the darn story.  

Who knows what new beginnings will be waiting on your doorstep 
when you finish what you start? 

New beginnings
with new endings 
that could change
your whole life.

What are you beginning
but not finishing?

Start to finish 
some of the incompletes in your life 
and see what comes your way.

As for me,
I am about to finish this blog post.
Whatever else I finish this week,
I will post here.  

Please feel free to do the same.