Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Chocolate I Have Known

I love chocolate.
It's something I crave from time to time.
Okay, I give. I crave it daily.
Unfortunately for me, losing weight, keeping fit and eating chocolate daily don't jive (and I'm not a fan of dark chocolate), so I found a couple great snacks that satisfy my chocolate urge and don't pack on the pounds. One of these snacks also covers my ice cream craving, so I nipped two birds in the beak with this one!

Jell-O Mousse Temptations
As I was packing my daughter's lunch one morning, I had an urge to pop open her chocolate pudding and inhale the contents. So, instead of doing the unspeakable, I set out on a search for some chocolate pudding that both tastes good and is low in sugar. I found that Jello-O pudding has many low sugar products, but it was the Temptations line that enticed me with it's mousse-like pudding, 60 calories per cup and zero grams of sugar.

It tastes so light and chocolately I knew from the second I tasted it that this was my go-to chocolate friend. My favorite is Chocolate Indulgence, but there's also Caramel Creme, Dark Chocolate Decadence and a new mint flavor called Chocolate Mint Sensation.

Once I stocked up on Chocolate Indulgence I tried to keep it off my kids' radar because I knew once they tasted it they would love it, want it, and eat my stash.

My chocolate pudding! MINE!!

I was right.
Now my daughter wants me to replace her pudding with my pudding. She is as in love as I am. I also read that you can freeze it, and I just may try that too and see how it tastes.

No Sugar Added Fudgsicles
I learned about these when I first researched the South Beach Diet. They have less calories (40 per bar), and of course sugar (2-1/2 grams), than their regular Fudgsicle counterpart. None of the other ricotta infused, sugar-free recipes that South Beach Diet suggests sounded like anything edible as far as I was concerned. I needed chocolate and I needed ice cream. At the same time. I was a little hesitant of them at first, (how good could no sugar Fudgsicles really taste?) but bought them anyway. SOLD. They are just perfect for my after dinner, chocolate & ice cream mind scream that tempts me to my freezer at night.

I am so jazzed I now have two desserts that satisfy my chocolate needs without making me feel like I have to run for fifty hours after consuming.
And yes they are needs.
No need to water it down or anything.

*I am in no way affiliated with either of these brands and receive no compensation for mentioning them. I'm so thrilled to find them and just want to pass along the find!