Saturday, October 02, 2010

Writing Goal #1: POEM Never and Always

I have never made a specific writing goal before, and producing a piece of writing everyday is hard work!  I think it's so worth it though! 

Good or bad, here's my piece for today:

Never and Always

You always
say I can't!
You never
let me do
what I want!
You always
tell me no!
You never
seem to understand!
You always
embarrass me
in front of 
my friends!
You never 
believe I am
where I say I'll be!

I know.  
I never, 
and I always.
I never 
want you hurt or lost;
I always 
want you safe.
I never 
want misunderstandings
about the amount
of love
my heart
holds for you.
I always 
need to know 
where you are
when you're not home.
I never 
want you to forget
how precious
you are to me.
I always 
cherish you 
in my heart
and I will still 
when you are old.

But you never!
And you always!

Yes, I never.
And yes, I always.

I will never 
leave your side
as long as you shall live,
and I will always 
see to it that you
are truthful, honest, kind.
I never 
want you sad, mistaken, doubtful.
I always 
want you to do your best.
I never 
want you giving up
on life's
oh so many tests.
I always 
hope it is my arms
that comfort you
when you need.
I never 
want you to feel
you cannot come to me.
I always 
want what's best for you
and sometimes
I may seem mean,
but I never 
want to see you cry
if poor decisions 
you have made.
I always 
want you to know
you never
have to worry
for I will always,
yes, I will always
be your protector, mother, friend.

© Patricia Beline Barton
October 2, 2010

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