Friday, October 01, 2010

I want to apologize for my absence.
I apologize!

I am not going to list my excuses for why I haven't blogged since April, because that's all they would be...excuses. There are many reasons for neglecting my blog, but they are boring and I don't want to bore anyone.  I will say, I've neglected something that has been calling whispering my name everyday to get back to.  I have a lot of catching up to do and I intend to get started.

For starters, goals.

Writing goal #1: To produce something every day, good or bad.

Here's today's:
On a Night Train

On a night train
making my way to a house
I never knew existed,
I struggle to find a seat.
Left standing,
the ride is bumpy,

At my destination
I realize my purse is gone.
I meander back
to where the train and I parted
but like my purse,
the train has disappeared.

I walk up narrow streets
passing cars,
and creeks.
I follow curves of freeway,
beat up signs,
directional arrows,
all taking me where I don't want to go.
Foreign streets with dotted residence
hold no purse of mine.

Out of breath,

A million birds chirping
in the chilled air
seem to know more than I do.
They laugh at my misfortune.

I sit sprawled along a curb
sure that I will
wake up at any moment.

For only in dreams
can one lose a purse
on a night train,
making one's way
to a house
they never knew existed.

©Patricia Beline Barton
October 1, 2010

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