Monday, January 10, 2011

All Purpose Cleaner Put to the Test

Today I discovered a recipe for an all-purpose cleaner I've had tucked away on my computer for who knows how long.
It's recommended for general cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom: for countertops, toilets, mirrors, etc.
Because I'd rather save money by making my own cleaners, I decided to give it a try and put it to the test.
Here's the recipe:
All-Purpose Cleaner
2 cups water
1/4 cup vinegar (distilled white)
1/2 teaspoon dishwashing liquid (like Dawn)
Mix well and pour into a spray bottle (like an old Windex bottle).
I made one batch and used it in the kitchen on the stove, over the stovetop, on the kitchen cabinets, appliances and counters.  I also tackled the top of my fridge which, for some reason, is a favorite hangout for dust bunnies.
In the bathroom, I used it on the mirrors, counters, toilet, cupboards and baseboards.
First thing I noticed? No chemical smell. In fact, it really doesn't have a scent at all.  Maybe just a hint of a mild, clean scent. A good thing if you're trying to, well ....clean!

Trish's Take:
  • This stuff works great.
  • It gives a great shine to all surfaces.
  • It cleaned up all the baseboards in my bathroom, so I know it would be effective on floors too.
  • The most surprising thing was how well it worked on my bathroom mirrors. It left no streaks or smudges.
  • It didn't work well as a degreaser for over my stovetop. I also don't think it's the best cleaner for tubs and showers because it's not strong enough to handle resistant soapscum or hard water stains.
I'm glad I decided to go through my old computer files to come across this easy-to-make cleaner.  I will definitely be keeping it on hand for general cleaning needs.  Can't wait to find what else is hiding in the dark corners of my hard drive.


  1. Hey! we haven't seen you since October. Been busy?

  2. Hi Rachel ~ Yes, busy, especially with the holidays. But more than that, just trying to get my life more organized. Rehauling many different areas of my life, including how I spend my time, my mindset, etc. I realized I was allowing for a lot of toxicity in my life, so I had to do some rearranging. Of course, the New Year brings new hopes, new ideas and a fresh slate to begin anew. I'm looking forward to placing my blog at the top of my list this year! Thanks for checking in! Cheers!