Friday, May 25, 2012

Reading Stack (No Sitting Books!)

My daughter left her reading book at school.

I don't recommend leaving the book you need to read at school. I told her so in many different dialects. Mostly upset, aggravated ones.

I then dragged my butt away from the New Jersey Devils v. New York Rangers hockey game screaming on my TV, and skipped us both to the library.

We were only going to check out the book she needed so she could get her homework done, I swear.

Who am I kidding. I came home with a stack of books.

So this is what I'll be reading for the next three weeks. And I really hope to read, rather than watch books sit, which is what I did last time I brought a stack home from the library.

Watching books sit doesn't get books read. To watch books sit, you use renewal after renewal until there are no more renewals left, and the sitting books have to go back to the library...unfinished.  Unfinished books!  The thought makes me cringe.

So here's my stack:
Beautiful books waiting to be cracked open
Feed by M.T. Anderson
Initially, I read a few blog reviews which sparked my interest. At the library, I found Feed standing upright on top of a bookshelf, instantly recognized the cover, and grabbed it hoping for some creepy distopian flavor. We shall see!

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kid
I haven't been Ms. Avid Reader this year. In fact, I've started so many books I haven't finished it's quite embarrassing. I'm so behind on all the popular reads in the past several years, not to mention the box office-hyped movies that come from these books. I've heard enough about this one to predict it will make me cry. I scanned the book flap to gather what could possibly come from a bunch of bees. When I read that it's “about mothers and daughters and the women in our lives who become our true mothers,” I knew The Secret Life of Bees wanted to come home with me.

Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu
The Immortal Fire, Book #3 of Ursu's Cronus Chronicles, sat on the shelf next to this one. I still need to read The Immortal Fire to complete the series, but Breadcrumbs is Ursu's latest. Since I'm not ready to experience the end of a fun series, I picked up Breadcrumbs instead. I'll check out The Immortal Fire next time.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
A no brainer for me. I've read every other Dan Brown book and he does not disappoint. Plus, I'm already invested up to Chapter 77 in the paperback version. Since I am in constant fear of ruining the pristine spine of a loaned book, I figured I'd return it to the owner and finish the book on the library's dime. I'll probably finish this one first before reading the others.

Writer's Market 2012
I check out the most current copy of Writer's Market whenever I get the chance, to peruse writing opportunities and gather fresh writing ideas. Not only does Writer's Market provide me with tons of great information, it inspires me.  My pen needs inspiration for the page, as well as my brain for the keyboard. Ultimately, I need to write.

And read.

I need to read.

No more sitting books allowed.


  1. Yes, I must! I mean, I will!

  2. ive only read the dan brown book. happy reading!

  3. I'm not sure why, but it's taking me a long time to finish the Dan Brown one. I read all his others at lightening speed, and this one has me riveted, but for some reason I'm having a hard time focusing. I'm in a reading slump!