Sunday, January 01, 2012

No Goals for 2012!

My goals and resolutions for 2012 are...

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I'm not telling!

In the past, I've shared my goals openly, in detail and with grand intention.

I'm not going to do that anymore.

Why? I came to the startling conclusion over the past year that sharing my goals does NOT help me reach them.

Rather, I've found it does the opposite.

I've learned that sharing my goals actually hinders me. It makes me question myself when I feel myself falling short.

It hands off my secret energy. When I give that away, there's not much left to give so I freeze up; I'm paralyzed. Ultimately, it gives me something to feel guilty about if I don't reach my goal. 

I don't like guilt, so I'm doing away with it this year!

I came across a rather interesting statement the other day made by C. Hope Clark, author and editor of Rather than paraphrase what she said, I will let her eloquence speak for itself.

“...I believe that broadcasting your goals takes some of the starch out of them, leaving them less exciting. Many writers announce their goals, thinking they'll be held more accountable by making promises in writing and out loud. Keep your goals to yourself, as if you are planning a surprise. Face it . . . if you told everyone around you what your presents were going to be, the feeling of awe when they are finally revealed feels rather dampened.”  ~ C. Hope Clark []

I couldn't agree more.

So, here's to working on my presents for the year without anyone knowing what they are. I'm excited and energized for all that implies.

It means I'm only accountable to myself, which is how it should be, really. It means I have free range to try, do, make mistakes, and try some more.

If I get there is not the important thing.

Am I doing?

Am I continuously doing, day in and day out?  And then doing some more?

Am I working towards what I value?   What excites me?  What sparks my spirit?

If so, that's all the validation and accountability I need.

Besides, it will be much funner to share the journey, the beautiful screw-ups, the awesome lessons learned along the way.

Cheers to all the stuff we're doing and places we're going in the year ahead!

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