Wednesday, February 04, 2009

No Chicken at the Crazy Chicken!

The healthiest fast food option for me, trying to stick to the South Beach diet, is any place that serves salad or chicken. A salad should be ordered with dressing on the side, and perhaps topped with a protein, such as -- you guessed it -- chicken. Chicken eaten on its own should be breast meat, since it is leaner than a thigh or leg.

After a long day at my sister Reesa's, we decided it was time to figure out what to get for dinner. El Pollo Loco sounded like the healthiest fast food option, and Randy, Reesa and I agreed this was the perfect choice.

While Randy continued to work in the yard, Reesa and I drove to our destination: El Pollo Loco. We knew what we were going to order, how much we wanted, and what special kids meals to get for the kids. We were prepared. We decided the drive-thru was the way to go.

El Pollo Loco Attendant: "What can I get for you?"

Us: "We'd like a 12-pc. meal with 2 sides of beans and 1 side of rice. Extra flour tortillas please. We would also like 2 popcorn chicken kids meals."

El Pollo loco Attendant: "I'm sorry. If you want a whole chicken, you will have to wait a half hour because we are out of chicken."

Us (to eachother): [puzzled looks on our faces] [looking around to see what else is available, but stuck in the drive thru] [mutterings and stutterings of "what should we do?" and "they have NO chicken?"] [complete bewilderment because our plan was falling to pieces and we had to make some sort of a]

Reesa to Me: "They have no chicken? " [bewildered and confused]

Me to Reesa: "Are we at El Pollo Loco? Aren't they supposed to have chicken?" [this is more than absurd, but kind of funny]

Our conclusion: "I guess we'll wait." [peals of laughter]

So there we are, two sisters, wanting our crazy chicken, but forced to wait one half of an hour. We pull into a front parking spot closest to the door (so they can see us and know we are the ones waiting for our chicken).
It feels silly. Waiting. For chicken. At a place that serves nothing but chicken.

We see many people go in the drive thru and come out the other end. And leave. We wonder why they aren't made to wait. But then we realize...maybe we are the only dorks waiting. I guess we are the crazy ones. Although in my opinion, they certainly are crazy for not having any chicken!

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  1. haha! i cant believe you guys waited thirty minutes!

    what did you do for half an hour?

    mmm.. now i want el pollo loco.