Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cool Stuff: Poptarts

One of my guilty pleasures on a Saturday is a toaster-warmed ooey, gooey poptart. My favorite is chocolate fudge. I also like Smores, frosted Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry.

My kids love them too.

During the week, when I can't eat them, it is hard seeing them sitting in my cupboard. Sometimes I'll buy ones I know I don't care for (but my kids like) so I'm not tempted during the week.

Then Saturday comes. It's poptart time.

Those commercials that try to make poptarts look plain and boring in comparison to a toaster strudel? Hogwash. Poptarts are yummy!

I came across the coolest little website a few days ago for poptart enthusiasts! At www.poptarts.com there is a section for "kids" and a section for "moms." I don't believe you need to be a kid or a mom to enjoy a poptart. So if you love poptarts, and you aren't a mom or a kid, never fear. This site is for you too.

Register at Poptarts' Sprinklings Club for samples, coupons and other giveaways!



  1. oh my gosh! Are you sure you aren't working for poptart? Are they paying you to advertise on your blog?

  2. Nope! I am NOT employed by poptart. I WISH I was getting paid to advertise! HaHA!

    I truly just love poptarts. (And right now, I'm wanting one!)

    Yes, it's a pretty lame post.

  3. Trish, I promise that if I get my puppy I will never let it eat your bday cakes! forgive poopie!

  4. That does sound good, Trish. I haven't had a poptart for some time.