Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Goodbye White Stripes

Today is a sad day for music. 

One of my favorite bands, The White Stripes, have officially announced their break up. 

You will be missed.  Thanks for all the music you've given us over the years. 


  1. Oh, sad. I didn't realize they were breaking up. I thought they were siblings. And I think they are from the Midwest somewhere, aren't they? I could just be making things up.

    I LOVE Seven Nation Army. Such a good song to motivate you to get your stuff done.

  2. I agree. Seven Nation Army is a great song to get you moving!

    I believe the siblings story came from the band themselves. I've heard and watched many live performances where Jack refers to Meg as his "little sister." There's also the story they were once married, and instead of the traditional, woman takes man's last name, Jack alternately adopted Meg's last name of White. (His birth name is John Gillis).

    The White Stripes hail out of none other than Detroit, Michigan. So many great musicians come out of Detroit I could write a whole post, or ten, on that topic alone!

    Whatever their true relationship, The White Stripes delivered six studio albums, tons of live recordings, and in my opinion, brought something relevant to music that was sorely lacking: raw, honesty, emotion, grit, story, back-to-the basics rhythm and blues.

    If you haven't had the opportunity, explore their older albums:
    My favorites are their first two:
    Their self-titled The White Stripes, and DeStijl

    Thanks for reading,