Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Venting Time

This blog is mostly about working through my goals.

I have A LOT of goals. There are many things that I want to accomplish during my life, and I am continuously trying to find a way for organizing my goals so I can better focus on each one.

I've read numerous books. I've bought software. I've utilized Word and Excel. I've tried finding useful applications online. In my desperate quest, I have found a mixture of helpful information and tools. Yet, I remain bewildered.

I am not sure if it's the way my brain works - all chaotic and mult-linear - or if perhaps, I want too many things. Because even with all the information and tools available in books and online, my goals remain numerous without much progress.

I can't seem to find focus or clarity. I'm all over the place and not a lot gets done.

So today here I sit: wanting much but accomplishing little; craving more with less motivation; needing a spark but only finding my energy depleted.

Can anyone say nap?


  1. I can say nap - but pretty much never do! ; )

    This doesn't help much, but I know exactly what you mean!

    I make lists. And lists.
    Just of little things I need to do on a day to day basis.
    And of larger items that have been looming - like finishing painting my doors and mouldings...

    Life moves on faster than I.
    That annoys me.
    I am much older than I should be.

    At least you will always have 7 more years more than I! Ha ha!

    Love you!

  2. oh how i love sleep!

    i miss you! i feel like we haven't spoken in days!

  3. and yes, im wearing Justin's spectacles in that picture! the prescription is so strong that I could barely open my eyes!