Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the Beginning

My best intentions were to start this blog at the beginning of the new year. So cliche, right? So I decided to rebel instead, in classic Trish fashion, and start it mid-January.

I mainly started this blog to keep myself accountable for my goals. I am an ace at procrastination, so it helps to know others are onto me, whether I'm working hard or hardly working. I need the proverbial kick in the butt to keep myself going sometimes. And these goals are important to me. So I figured, why not share them? My goals fall into the following categories:

  • Health and Fitness ~ Not only do I need to lose weight, I am most interested in feeling better in my clothes, having more energy, and living to enjoy my grandchildren someday with a fit mind and body. I see a struggle-free clothes shopping session in my near future!

  • Music ~ I love it, want to hear it everyday, and feel I need it when times are not only rough, but when I want to have a great time. I want to experience as much music as possible while I am alive. I also have the ability to play guitar, but I want to drastically improve by years' end. Lots of practice required!

  • Writing and Literature ~ I am a book nerd. I can live without TV or even movies, but don't deny me a good book. I could live in a library. Not only that, but I love expressing myself with written words. I decided since it's something I like to do, why not write more often? It would be an added bonus if I could make money doing so. Write and submit Trish, write and submit.

I will be tracking my goals as I progress through them, not only for myself, but in the hopes that others will also share the goals they are working towards. Also, I do writing prompts from time to time to propel my writing. I will be posting these prompts, so if you feel the urge, don't hesistate to try out a prompt or two and share your personal results! It will be fun to see the various prompt writings!

Obviously, this blog wouldn't exist at all if it weren't for the gentle nudges received (almost daily) from Meesa. ;) Since the notion crossed my lips to the keyboard and onto my computer, Meesa's elated encouragement inspired me. She is actually the main reason I am doing this, because I know even if no one ever reads, shares, or comments, Meesa will. This definitely gives my blog purpose.

Thanks Meesa!

Until the next post,


  1. Trish, I am so excited about your blog.
    Looking forward to more pleasurable reading!

  2. Finally Trish. Love you Reesa